The Wines of Kristof Nils Anderson

PELLA Cabernet



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Alchemy California

KNA Wines is the creation of Kristof Nils Anderson, currently winemaker for Gargiulo Vineyards in Oakville, California, partner/winemaker for SCRIBE in Carneros, as well as consultant winemaker for RAEN and Robinson Family Vineyards.  He and his wife Jennifer began the PELLA Cabernet project in 2002. Their radical vision was to cellar their vineyard designate Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for optimal drinkability. "PELLA is my ultimate expression of terroir, a word conjured up to describe the indescribable alchemy of growing grapes for fermentation into wine, to enrich our individual experiences of life," he says.

The Art of Winemaking: Preserving What Nature Provides

Kristof Nils Anderson has been quietly, steadily crafting some of the most acclaimed wines in the Napa and Sonoma valleys since 1992. Former winemaker at Lewis Cellars and protégé of winemaking legend Nils Venge, Kristof approaches winemaking with the intuitive feel of a seasoned artisan who respects his raw materials. 

Love for art, science and nature led Kristof to winemaking, and his approach is uniquely self-directed, combining work at ETS Wine Labs in St. Helena with formal training at UC Davis for a hands-on approach. Great wines are grown in the vineyard, and he credits time spent in the field with taking his wines to the next level. “I’ve learned more from grape growers about making great wine than from anybody else,” Kristof says.

"My favorite wines are always the ones that taste most like the fruit in the vineyard the morning we pick."

— Kristof Nils Anderson

Limited Library Release

PELLA is Kristof's dream Napa Valley Cabernet, a rare, tiny lot wine, impeccably cellared for optimal drinkability. We will be releasing vintages from our library, beginning with 2003 & 2004. Tasting through the entire vertical provides an extraordinary sensory and spatiotemporal experience: 1 winemaker, 1 vineyard. 100% Cabernet from renowned Star Vineyard, Rutherford. 100% French Oak.